Female Fat Loss

We have many female clients that have struggled with their body fat following pregnancy, menopause or ladies that simply want to lose weight and tone up before a big event such as a wedding. We know it’s not easy, and we know that it takes commitment and discipline to make time for training sessions and avoid the temptation of foods that will adversely affect your nutrition and weight loss.

Bring your motivation and determination to Blueprint Fitness and we will help you to achieve the body shape that you want. Stick to the nutrition and training plan that we will design just for you and you’ll very quickly see positive results!

Our female fat loss package goes beyond just excess cardio and a high restrictive fad diet. The Blueprint Female fat loss program uses up to date science combined with years of experience to bring you the most effective results based program. The program uses a combination of weight training and conditioning combined with effective nutrition to improve muscle tone and achieve maximum fat loss. We provide guidance using a full proof system including training, nutrition, recovery and detailed weekly check ins with your assigned personal trainer to ensure you stay on track.

 Upon completing this program will not only see and feel life changing results but also gain knowledge on how to train and balance nutrition for sustainable results. With our experience with female fat loss we are confident that whatever lifestyle challenges you feel have held you back in the past this program will give you the personal support you need to achieve your goal.