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Real Results

We are really proud of the progress that our dedicated clients are making. Each client will have their individual goals, and below are some of the results and progress pictures that prove just what can be achieved with the right balance of motivation and passion to succeed. Our Personal Trainers will do everything possible to ensure success, and the Blueprint Fitness values of “fitness, performance, nutrition and well-being” are reflected in the outcomes we deliver.

Male Fat Loss Marc.JPG


“I knew that I needed to lose body fat, but I never thought I could lose the amount of weight I did within 16 weeks and keep it off even when on holiday!”

Female Fat Loss Daniella.JPG


“Through focusing more on weight training rather than cardio I was able to change my body composition. A massive thanks to the team at Blueprint”

Fiona Female Fat Loss.jpg


“The Blueprint team made the sessions enjoyable and painful (in a good way!) at the same time. It was well worth going through the process”

Fan Front.jpg


“I lost 20lbs over the 16 week programme and I was able to have a plan when I travelled abroad which was a huge part of my work life”

Luke Back.JPG


“I can confidently say Blueprint is one of the best Personal Training studios in North London. The results I’ve achieved have not only exceeded my expectations, but are also a real credit to the reputability of the Blueprint Fitness brand”

Male Fat Loss Alex K.jpg


“The Blueprint system has managed to transform my body and my personal life massively!”

Coco Back(1).JPG


“At first I didn’t think I could stick to it, but I started seeing amazing results from just following the Blueprint plan. Knowing I was provided with a personalised nutrition plan made it easy to stick to”

Put on main banner Ash.JPG


“At Blueprint Fitness I achieved my goals because I was told what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear!”



“I never thought I could stick to the plan for 16 weeks, but knowing there is a time frame to a goal I have set out, I knew I could especially when I had my coach to keep me accountable and on track”

BP - 14 (1).jpg


“I wanted to shape up for a holiday in the US and I really enjoyed my training sessions at Blueprint. The equipment and the PT’s are great, and I found the nutrition planning really helped me achieve my goals”

Adam Front.JPG


“I was going to Australia, and wanted to get in the leanest condition, and with the constant support I received, I was able to keep to my weekly goals that led up to the end result”

Rico Front.JPG


“I thought I could never stick to a nutrition plan that could work for me. The personal flexible dieting plan made it so easy for me to include the foods I wanted to eat!”

Shani Back.JPG


“I started to learn more about how to alter my diet to achieve the goals that I wanted. I initially found it daunting to go into the weight section at the gym, but I was welcomed, and I love that Blueprint is purely a private personal training gym studio”

Alex Front.JPG

alex b

“With my busy work life my Blueprint personal nutrition plan enabled me to be flexible in terms of what I ate and when. Knowing I didn’t have to eat every 3 hours made the process a lot more easier and doable”

Anton Front.JPG


“Accountability is everything when going through such a long term process. There are times you may not know what to do next, but having a coach there 24/7 to push you and guide you makes the process a lot easier. It’s enjoyable and much more motivating to carry on long term as I do”

Gav Front.JPG


“I made sure I transitioned into a muscle building phase, which I learnt was very important to keep up… even when you reach your goals!”

Graeme Back.jpg


“Not only did you help me to reach my goal, but you taught me so much. To the whole Blueprint family - you all supported me and pushed me through. You were always there to offer guidance”


Orna Front.jpg


“Going through the physical change wasn’t the only thing I experienced. My mindset has changed for the most part: I’m becoming much more positive in my day to day life”