Do you need a Personal Trainer?

This is a question that you may think you know the answer to but have you truly thought it through? 

Do you have a health and fitness goal that means more to you than anything else (except your friends and family)? 

Are you following a programme completely tailored to you and considers your needs? 

Do you train at the right intensity to achieve your goal?

All of these questions are things you need to consider if you have a goal that you are working towards.

The role of a Personal Trainer has developed far beyond what it used to be. The times of a bulked up guy blasting clients and sending them off are behind us and Personal Trainers nowadays (should) care about their clients lifestyles and how they can not only help them achieve their goals but sustain a healthy life style to continue doing the things they outside the gym. 

How bad do you want it?

Do you have a burning desire to attain a fitness goal that means more to you than materialistic things? Personal Trainers are able to identify exactly what it is you need to be doing to achieve your goal in a time efficient manor whilst also considering your health. 

You may have a wedding or a holiday and MUST be looking your absolute best. It is no good going to the gym simply guessing what to do; this can waste valuable weeks, months and even years! Time that you may not have to spare. Consider your priorities when deciding if you need a Personal Trainer.

Is what you’re doing now working for you?

Are you following a generic programme you found in a magazine or on the Internet? Following generic programmes will get you generic results. A Personal Trainer has the ability to devise a programme completely tailored to you taking into consideration your goals, body type, injuries, abilities and disabilities. They also have the ability to recognise when to develop your programme further, allowing you to progress and move forward to your goals.

Do you train at the right intensity?

It can be very easy for us to take the ‘easy’ way out and do things half-heartedly especially when it comes to exercise. Training can be tough and challenging and unless you have someone there to push and guide you then it can be difficult to hit the right training intensity to get the results you are chasing.

Do you need a Personal Trainer? A question that you should really ask yourself when considering your fitness goals. Hopefully we have been able to give you a little more clarity about the roles of a Personal Trainer. 

We at Blueprint put our clients first and take their goals very seriously, which is why we are a results based Personal Training studio. 

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Lee Constantinou WBFF PRO - Blueprint Fitness Consultant