Nicole’s 10 Tips to stay on track during Christmas


1. Set a realistic goal to achieve before Christmas Day!

2. Keep up your workouts during the Christmas period. Just because you may be going out more treat your workouts like meetings (important event you cannot miss)

3. Think of creative presents which do not involve chocolate and sweets. There is going to be lots of treats around everywhere you go so you don't need to add to stacks!

4. Use your phd Protein to make christmas cookies and cakes, they are guilt free and taste amazing!

5. Add in a little extra cardio... Even if it's going for a 20 minute walk on your lunch break or taking the dog for an extra walk around the block.

6. Try to save all the treats and sweets for the big social events, enjoy them and don't feel too guilty!

7. Have a look on the phd website for some at home exercises you can do when the gym is closed during the period.

8. Fill your plate with extra protein and vegetables leaving less space for the more calorific foods.

9. Carry water with you and drink lots of it. This will help keep you full, snack less and keep your hydrated if you plan to drink more alcohol.

10. Finally...enjoy the laid back season but don't let it drag on...Get rid of the excess treats lingering around and set a new short term goal.