Tips to feel better after the Christmas BINGE

Firstly, stop feeling bad for indulging. It’s one day in the year and remember one day won’t make you ‘fat’ just like one day won’t make you ‘lean’. ITS A LIFESTYLE! 

The reality is no matter how much you sweat or push yourself in the gym you probably will not be able to burn off all the calories you ate. However you can defiantly put them to good use in your training session to push harder or just to be more active in general. Remember having more muscle mass is only going to increase our metabolism which normally means we can eat more and stay leaner!!! So go lift something heavy!! 

After filling our body’s with extra sodium and sugar increasing your water intake will really help you to feel better and flush out all the extra fluids! 

And lastly... once all the family events are over get rid of all the extra treats around the house. The sonnner you get back to eating normally the better!  


We hope you had a great chiristmas!