3 Easy New Years Resolutions you can stick to.

Happy New Year!!  

We are sure you have all set a New Years Resolution that is personal to you. But we wanted to share 3 Resolutions you can add which are SUPER EASY to stick to. 

1. Drink more water. Carry a filled water bottle with you at all times or buy a 2l bottle and aim to get through it on top of your other liquids. 

2. Sit down to eat your food. Sitting down and enjoying your food will help you to register that you have eaten, stop you from snacking as much and actually leave you feeling more fufilled. 

3. Carry a Protein snack with you at all times. We all get peckish and getting in optimal protein can be difficult. So carry some whey, a protein bar, a yoghurt or a packet/ pre-made cooked meat or eggs with you just in case! 

Try these... simple... easy... and will 100% contribute to a healthier you!!