Quick and effective Cardio!

Is getting in over 20 minutes of Cardio hard with your busy schedual?  Or would you simply rather spend less time on the treadmill and more time at home with your family or out with your friends? 

With your goal in mind of fat loss why not try a much quicker approach to cardio. 

Deadmill Sprints! 

These are when you turn the treadmill off, hold on The the sides and Aim to move the treadmill manually as fast as you can. 

Once you get the treadmill going continue for 20 Seconds then rest for 40. Repeat this 6 times to start but progress it by going up to 12 sets!  

12 mins in total and we promise it’s hard and just as good or even better than a 30 minute walk, with it’s muscle building benifits!  

Give it a go!! 

( we will post a video separately on our Facebook and Instagram page)