Reasons you gained weight overnight!


1. You ate out last night.  

2. You had a stressful/ bad night's sleep. 

3. You ate something different last night.  

4. You ate or drank something with lots of artificial flavouring or seasoning.  

5. You are dehydrated.  

6. Hormones. (For the Females) 

7. You ate loads of carbohydrates.  

8. You ate significantly more calories than normal.  

9. Your digestion isn’t optimal.  

10. You are using different scales at a different time of the day (this actually does happen!)  

Your weight will fluctuate... and it’s important to remember that you are not necessarily gaining fat, but just weight (usually from water/food).  

If your goal is to drop weight on the scales, make sure to make a weekly average. This will take into account the random heavy and lower weigh ins.  

Also make sure to take progress pictures as the scales are not always going to show your complete fat loss progress.