Exciting New Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes starting on 7th May

At Blueprint Fitness we are delighted to announce a new Yoga class which is starting on Saturday 7th May at 9am. The class will be run by Christina from The Rose School of Transformational Yoga.

An exceptional Introductory Price is being offered - £30 for 6 weeks starts Sat 7th May.

Start your weekend in the best way possible by joining Christina for this one hour vinyasa flow class.

This special offer is open to everyone for the first 6 weeks of this class starting 7th May.

For more information please contact Sunnah 07941 321 772 or sunnah@stretchingpeople.co.uk or just drop by to Blueprint Fitness studio in Whetstone, N20.


More about Christina...

'When I started doing Hatha yoga, about 8 years ago, i didn’t know that I was not just trying something new, as I thought at the time. Soon I came to understand that what seemed a curiosity turned into a real passion, so after a while, I also started doing Iyengar Yoga. 

Little by little the passion turned into a real vocation,  and it has been during a foundation course that I decided to become an Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher. After a while I enrolled in a course, I bought a ticket to India  and  soon realised that turning Yoga into my lifestyle was all I wanted from life. I truly hope to be able to transfer the same passion to everyone who does Vinyasa Yoga with me. That is my ultimate mission as a Teacher'